Manfrotto Adattatore Spectra AC 12 V 1.25A per 500-900F e 900FT



Manfrotto Adattatore Spectra AC 12 V 1.25A per 500-900F e 900FT

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The Spectra ADAPTOR12V1.25A for Select Spectra Series LED Lights from Manfrotto provides 12VDC power from an AC source to power available Spectra 500F, 900F, or 900FT LED light units. The ADAPTOR12V1.25A comes with five interchangeable power plugs that allows you to plug into virtually any AC outlet.

The ADAPTOR12V1.25A provides 12VDC power, and supports the current draw of the Manfrotto Spectra 500F, 900F, and 900FT LED light units.
Five interchangeable AC power plugs allow you to use the AC adapter with common sockets in the following countries:
1. North America, South America, Japan, Caribbean
2. Northern Europe
3. Southern Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, Caribbean
4. Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, China
5. Great Britain, Ireland, Africa, Hong Kong, Singapore

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