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Switronix GoPro Battery Eliminator con USB



Switronix GoPro Battery Eliminator con USB, alimentazione GoPro da una fonte di alimentazione USB, accoppiatore adattatore sostitutivo della batteria GoPro, Incorpora un cavo da 30 cm di alimentazione USB, funziona il Back Door, per i modelli HERO3 e HERO3+

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The GoPro Battery Eliminator with USB from Switronix is designed to provide a secure way of powering a HERO3 or HERO3+ action camera from an external USB power source. The GoPro's form factor may be a major part of the camera's appeal, but it limits the effective battery life to what an internal battery can provide. Where the camera is readily accessible, it is simple enough to keep spare GoPro batteries on hand and simply swap out as needed. However, especially as a growing number of professional filmmakers are drawn to the GoPro's versatility, the camera is increasingly finding itself placed in spots that are difficult to access for a quick battery change. The GoPro Battery Eliminator employs a similar concept to a DC coupler that you may be familiar with from camcorders and DSLRs, using a coupler plate that mimics the original battery, but with a 10' power cord that terminates in a USB type A male power connector.


Since the HERO3 and HERO3+ cameras support USB charging, you can use the Battery Eliminator to power the camera from nearly any 5VDC USB source: a laptop computer, portable powering station, car USB port, or even an AC wall adapter. In addition, using optional transformers, it is possible to adapt the USB to power from 12VDC sources such as car batteries or professional video battery systems.


If a housing is used, the Battery Eliminator requires the Skeleton Housing. It is also possible to use the Underwater Housing with the Skeleton back door. Using the Underwater Housing will still provide splash protection from the front, however the camera will not be fully watertight because of the opening at the back for the USB cable.


Connectors 1 x DC Coupler for HERO3 and HERO3+
1 x USB type A male -- for power only
Dimensions Cable Length: 10' / 30 cm

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