Core SWX Nano V-Mount Battery 98Wh

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Core SWX Nano V-Mount Battery 98Wh, Capacity: 98wh (14.8V, 6.6 Ah), Size: 3.8 x 5.87″ x 1.49″, Weight: 1.4 lbs. Normal Runtime: (25W) 3.6Hrs, Max Load: 8A, P-tap and USB 5V 

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Slimmer than its predecessor, the XPL90, the Core SWX Nano V-Mount Battery is lightweight, reliable, and powerful. While the form-factor may be small, the Nano-series batteries can support up to 8-amp draws at 14.8V. The slim enclosure is great for gimbal balancing, as the camera it's mounted to can use the extra space for fore/aft movement. In classic Core SWX fashion, the exterior of the battery has a rubberized feel for a sure grip. Accessories can be connected to both the USB and D-tap power outputs, allowing the Nano-series batteries to act as a power hub for your entire rig, not just your camera. With the 98Wh capacity, a 25-watt load can be sustained for approximately 3.5 hours. Real-time capacity can be checked using the 4-LED gauge on the side of the casing. This V-mount model communicates using the standard SMBUS protocol (found on most cameras that have a native V-mount, including RED DSMC2 cameras), sending battery metrics that can be monitored from the camera itself.



Capacity: 98wh (14.8V, 6.6 Ah)
Size: 3.8 x 5.87″ x 1.49″
Weight: 1.4 lbs.
Normal Runtime: (25W) 3.6Hrs
Max Load: 8A
P-tap and USB 5V


Core SWX is the leader in battery and charger technology for the broadcast and the professional video industries. Our rechargeable batteries and charger.

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