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Tally Technologies Wireless Pro Bundle with Base4 Transmitter and x3 Wireless Pro Receivers inc. TimeSync
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This Tally Technologies Wireless Pro Bundle comes with everything you need for your production and broadcast studios, with a TallyTec Pro Wireless Base4 Transmitter and three Wireless Pro Receivers, including TimeSync.

Base4 Transmitter

The TallyTec Base4 Transmitter can support up to 4 channels for receivers, giving a wireless range of up to 2km. Powered through mains or 12v battery, this robust transmitter continuously outputs both live and preview signals from a wide variety of mixers to a receiver. 

The case of the TallyTec Base4 incorporates a small screen for displaying the receiver status, an alarm button with a flashing light should a receiver deactivate, and a menu for managing the remote receivers. The transmitter also displays the battery charge level for each wireless receiver in use. The rear of the case has x4 RJ45 ports that can be used for charging the receiver and for use with wired receivers via Cat5/6 cable. The Base4 transmitter manages up to 4 receivers. The transmitter also has the ability to operate with any vision mixers using open/closed contact or +5v or -5v.

The transmitter receives information from a mixer's PGM output and sends a pulse to turn on the red LED on both the front and back of the receiver assigned to this camera. If the mixer also generates information from the selected camera's preview channel. The Base4 also transmits this channel and turns a green LED on located at the back of the receiver. The green LED can be switched off at any time if required.

Wireless Pro Receiver

The TallyTec Pro Wireless Receiver mounts easily to a camera cold shoe, steadicam, crane, jib and many more. Connected wirelessly back to the transmitter, the receiver has a range of up to 2km. The receiver provides both a green preview tally light and a red live tally light at the front and rear. The front tally lights can be turned off when required.

The wireless receivers are charged through the RJ45 when connected to the transmitter; once charged, the receiver can work up to 2 days on a single charge. The transmitter will give a warning signal when the receiver battery is low.

Now with added TimeSync which will give you a synced timecode for your camera or external recorder to sync all clips together in your timeline without any fuss. The receiver comes in a professionally finished, lightweight, tough case with standard screw thread for mounting.


Base4 Transmitter

Compatible with most mixers

Management of the Tally Program and Preview on mixers which support both functions

Supports up to 4 receivers

4 Channels supported in the 866/915MHz transmission waveband

2km wireless range

Powered through mains or 12V battery

LED panel

Compatible with any vision mixer using open/closed contact or +5v or -5v


Wireless Receiver with TimeSync

Sleek, lightweight design

Wireless receiver mounts easy onto the camera cold shoe, steadicam, crane, jib etc

Provides both a green preview tally light and red live tally light at rear and front

Front tally lights can be switched off when necessary

Tough case with standard screw thread for mounting

Now with added TimeSync



Transmitter Weight: 1.5kg

Transmitter Dimensions :25x31x6cm (9.8x12.2x2.6")

Transmitter Channels: Wireless: 4 Channels- Wired:4 Channels

Transmitter Range: 2km

Transmitter Power:Mains- 12V Battery

Transmitter Ports: x4 RJ45

Receiver Weight 0. :0,5kg

Receiver Dimensions: 25x17x6cm (9.8x6.6x2.3")

Receiver Mount: Standard Screw Mount

Receiver Range: 2km


x1 Pro Base4 Wireless Transmitter

x1 Antenna

x1 USB Cable 

x1 Power Supply

x3 Wireless Receiver

x3 Antenna

x3 Cat 5/6 Charging Cable

x3 Extension LED Cable


Tally Technologies

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