Xeen 3 Cine Lens Kit 24/50/85mm T1.5 4K with Hard Case

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Xeen 24/50/85mm T1.5 4K+ 3 Cine Lens Kit, FREE Samyang 6 Lens Hard Case, Covers Full-Frame SensorsInternal Focus Design, Multi-Coating for Color Consistency, Dual-Side Focus and T-Stop Scales, 11-Blade Iris, Cinema Gearing for Focus and Iris, 200° Focus Rotation, 114mm Front Diameter

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Xeen 24/50/85mm T1.5 4K+ 3 Cine Lens Kit Sony E Mount w/ FREE Samyang 6 Lens Hard Case

Newly created in 2015, XEEN introduces professional video-cinema lenses. Guided by feedback from professional directors of photography, they were created to deliver the quality demanded by commercial and artistic productions. A masterpiece of design, a culmination of Samyang’s expertise in optical engineering.

The name XEEN comes from the experience of ‘scene’ and ‘seen.’ The first letter is replaced by an ‘X,’ which represents infinity; limitless experiences and possibilities. XEEN aims to deliver superior optics, for maximum user satisfaction. With bright T1.5 aperture and outstanding optical performance for 4K+, focus are free to concentrate on the only thing that matters- realizing their creative power. A masterpiece of both form and function, made to meet the needs of professional video-cinema producers and creators, XEEN blazes a new trail in the professional lens market. Expand your horizons with XEEN.


A long overdue market correction in the price/performance ratio

We’ve all seen our camera specs and capabilities go through the roof, and at the same time prices have hit the floor. The same cannot be said of our glass. Up until now, the established lens manufacturers have been propping up prices for “entry level” cinema glass simply by not introducing products at a lower price point.
The closest we’ve had so far are the Zeiss Compact Primes, Canon Cinema Primes, Sony Cinealta and Schneider Xenon FF which while far more affordable than a set of Ultra Primes, Master Primes or Cookes, have still left many of us out in the cold making do with photography glass.
The problem with using stills originated photography lenses for video is that the requirements are different enough to cause problems. Photo lenses breathe a lot more than their cinema counterparts, this means that there is a slight but noticeable change in angle of view with movement of focus.
Cinema lenses are usually built a bit tougher, they have metal housings of a unified size and front diameter, and some meaningful weight to them that instills confidence. They have manual focus and iris only, a long focus throw and smooth detent free aperture. They “feel” good, and lets face it, many plastic photo lenses do not.
Strategic positioning

Samyang have strategically placed themselves front and center already for many of us with their fantastic VDSLR primes. These lenses are just really good considering the price point. Many of us rely on them and will continue to do so.
The VDSLR range have already placed Samyang right where they needed to be to introduce XEEN.

XEEN really have gone all out and covered all the bases. These are more than just rehoused Samyang VDSLR (Rockinon Cine DS) optics. XEEN have been careful to build proper cine lenses here in every way that matters. Let’s just take a quick look.

1. Full Frame Sensor Coverage
2. High-speed T1.5 aperture
3. High resolving power and high tech coatings
4. Interchangable Lens Mount
5. Unified front diameter
6. Aluminum housing
7. Standardized positions for focus and aperture gear rings

Perfectly priced

Some may disagree, but I actually believe these lenses are priced perfectly. There is a formidable amount of engineering, precision manufacturing, assembly and testing that goes into a cinema lens. These lenses represent amazing value.
The XEEN primes are in a very affordable space for many pro videographers and cinematographers who will quickly be able to realize a return on the investment.


Samyang XEEN budget cinema prime lenses are a big dea.

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