Grenke operational rental reserved for all VAT holders


BL2Store and GRENKE offer the possibility to freelancers with a VAT number and to small and medium-sized businesses to rent expensive equipment without purchasing it by tying up the capital. All at advantageous conditions even for small investment volumes.

With possible installments of 24/30/36/48/60 recommended for products to be financed with a value of €500 (excluding VAT).


Why is renting GRENKE cheaper than buying?

Leasing offers the possibility of maintaining current liquidity by reducing expenses, in fact, unlike the traditional purchase which requires advance payment before even starting to use the product, GRENKE rental offers fees that begin to expire when the new investment is already profitable . You also don't have to invest your capital in appliances that quickly lose value.


Why choose the GRENKE rental proposal?

– Secure planning and reduced fees

– Independence from traditional forms of financing

– Defense of equity, safeguarding liquidity and the margin available for other possible financing

- Pay as you earn; the fees accrue in parallel with the use of the goods

- Technological updating always possible: never more obsolescence!

- Possibility of investing to a greater extent, thus creating an advantage over competitors

- Tax benefits: the fee is fully deductible without temporal constraints (such as in leasing) linked to the depreciation of the assets.


Additional things to know about rental:

- Rental is not a financial product, and the fees are NOT determined by interest rates (Tan and Taeg)


How to activate GRENKE rental

After choosing the products of interest for your company from our catalogue, send the list of materials and the following documentation to

Identity card of the legal representative or signatory (with signing authority) front and back

Tax code front and back

Registered residence of the legal representative or signatory

Signatory's cell phone number

Company data therefore registered office and date of opening and corporate purpose and company fax/telephone number

Copy of company registration no older than 3 months or attribution of VAT number

IBAN for the debit with red


AT THE END OF THE RENTAL: The customer has three options

Sign a new rental contract (returning the asset relating to the company contract)

Extend the rental contract, keeping the asset

Repurchase the asset with a redemption equal to 5% of the taxable amount


ALL-RISK insurance: The customer has two options

Get insured directly with Grenke “All Risks” against fire, theft, accidental damage and atmospheric events, etc.

Send to Grenke, at the time of signing the contract or in any case within 30 days of invoicing, a copy of your insurance policy with related general conditions and updated receipt, together with your insurance declaration form.


Goods insurance in GRENKE contracts

The cost varies depending on the product category (minimum €96)

It is not included in the fees and the costs are transparent with annual invoicing (once a year)

There is an excess of €150 + VAT for each claim



IMPORTANT: it is not possible to include various warranty extensions in the rental as the product remains the property of the rental company. For further information contact us T.+39 0481 2530890 –

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