How the "Sella Personal Credit" installment payment works

Payment in installments can be requested by choosing from the different payment methods available at the end of the purchase procedure.

By choosing this form of payment you will be transferred, to complete the order, to the Sella Personal Credit website where you can choose the type of installment payment. Having read the conditions of the loan and the related interest rates, you will then be asked for some personal data (personal data, employment, constitution of your family unit, income).

On the Sella Personal Credit web page you can choose your repayment plan from the available solutions and acquire all the contractual and information documentation relating to the loan including: privacy information, code of ethics and "Basic European information on consumer credit" document ( DRY).


The granting of the loan and the completion of the order are subject to prior approval by Sella Personal Credit. The transaction always takes place in protected mode, on the Sella Personal Credit website, with 128bit encryption to guarantee the adequate level of confidentiality of the information sent. The data is provided directly to Sella Personal Credit and for no reason will it be made available to the affiliate).


At the end of filling out the form, Sella Personal Credit will return one of these three responses in real time:


- Request for further information for processing the application.

- Provisional approval of financing.

- Failure to approve financing.


Sella Personal Credit will send you emails with which it will confirm and update you on the results of the assessments carried out.

In case of provisional approval, you will be invited to print the pre-compiled online contract which you will have to return signed, attaching the required documentation:


- a copy of the identity document;

- a copy of the tax code;

- a copy of the last pay slip or tax return for loan requests exceeding 1,000 euros;

- a recent copy of a domestic user account (electricity, gas, telephone).


Up to this point you are not committed to paying anything.

Once all the documentation has been received, Sella Personal Credit will issue the final approval, sending you a confirmation email, and the goods will be sent to the address you indicated.

The whole procedure takes 4-5 working days. To speed up the processing of the order as much as possible, it is essential that you send the documentation and the signed contract as soon as possible, preferably using priority, registered or A1 registered mail.

If you decide not to follow up on the financing request or, if the documentation relating to it is not returned, the request will be considered withdrawn.





Collection Date Monthly installments

With effect from 1 July 2015, on new consumer credit operations, the deadlines for customer installments will be concentrated on two single dates, day 1 and day 15, as chosen by the customer and indicated in the appropriate box on the contract form at the time of requesting the loan.

All contracts in the consumer credit sector will therefore be affected by this new management, regardless of the type of operation (auto sectors, special-purpose loans and personal loans).

Please remember that the current setup provides that each installment has a deferred maturity of 30 days from the date of disbursement of the loan, unless the first installment is postponed.

With the update which will take effect from 1 July 2015, Sella Personal Credit intends to follow up on the numerous requests received to simplify the installment deadlines by conforming to the methods proposed by the market.


The deadlines may coincide only on the 1st or 15th of each month, depending on the choice made by the customer, according to the following scheme:

Payment from day 1 to day 4: first installment due on day 1 or 15 of the following month.

Liquidation from day 5 to day 20: first installment due on the 15th of the following month or on day 1 of two subsequent months.

Liquidation from day 21 to day 31: first installment due on day 1 or 15 of the following two months.


The advantages of paying in installments

By purchasing in installments you can immediately have what you want delivered to your home, before you even start paying. The first installment is in fact paid 30 days after the payment of the amount by the finance company.

This way you have the opportunity to defer payment and plan your budget without disinvesting your savings.


Conditions for purchase

Financing can be requested by a private consumer, for a minimum amount of 168 euros (VAT included) and for a maximum of 20,000.00 euros (VAT included).



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