We understand that technology moves at an amazing rate so we want to give you the confidence to make an informed choice when it comes to new equipment.  There’s nothing better than trying out the latest camera or lens on an actual job so you can see how it performs.


How does it work

The RENT to BUY formula is available for all the products we can offer for hire, from the last camera body to longer lenses or other accessories.

So rent any item and if you decide to buy the same item within 7 days of returning the rental, we will refund the full cost of the rental excluding shipping costs and insurance


How to order

Our full range of products is available in our online product catalog. The quickest way to request proof before purchase is to email your name, address, telephone number and the goods you are trying to test and we will contact you directly to organize it.

* Only a security deposit is required and is fully refundable upon return of the kit as long as it is in the same condition in which it was loaned.

BL2Store proposes the "RENT to BUY" formula offering the possibility to test the product in the field for a maximum period of 7days. Upon returning, the customer must decide whether to confirm the rental or continue with the purchase.

For more info contact noleggio@bl2.it