With BL2 Store you can choose the best technology available on the market and innovative products thanks to the financial offer of GRENKE.
Discover the GRENKE financial solutions for the rental of products, you will have our consultancy and assistance to find the right formula for your needs.

The goal is to support small and medium-sized enterprises in particular. Because, often, it is precisely these that feed the economy. To be a reliable partner we have adapted our services to their needs.

GRENKE offers the possibility for small and medium-sized businesses to lease expensive IT equipment without buying them by tying up capital. All at favorable conditions even for small volumes of investment.

We want to maintain lasting and satisfactory relationships with our customers, so we treat each relationship with the utmost attention, whether it is a supplier or a customer. As each of our partners and customers has personal needs, we develop ad hoc solutions with experience, reliability and transperency.

Why is the Grenke lease cheaper than buying?

The lease offers the possibility of maintaining current liquidity by reducing expenses, in fact unlike traditional purchase that provides for pre-payment before starting to use the product, the rental Grenke offers fees that start to expire when the new investment is already profitable . Also you do not have to invest your capital in equipment that quickly lose value.


Why choose the Grenke rental proposal?

- Secure planning and reduced fees
- Independence with respect to traditional forms of financing
- Defense of net assets, protection of liquidity and the margin available for other possible financing
- Pay while you make money; the fees accrue parallel to the use of the assets
- Technological updating always possible: no more obsolescence!
- Ability to invest to a greater extent, thus creating an advantage over competitors
- Tax benefits: the fee is fully deductible without time constraints (such as leasing) related to the depreciation of assets.


Further things to know about the rental:
- Rental is not a financial product, and the fees are NOT determined by interest rates (Tan and Taeg)

At the end of the rental period (24 or 60 months) the customer can:
A - Renewing the good by entering into a new rental contract, and returning the asset (related to the initial contract); in this way you can replace the devices with updated models.
B - Extend the rental contract, keeping the asset.
C - Repossess the good at market price.

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