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RME ADI-2 DAC FS Balanced DAC Headphone Amplifier ES9028Q2M 32bit 768kHz DSD256 Black



RME ADI-2 Balanced DAC Headphone Amplifier ES9038Q2M 32bit 768kHz DSD256 Black With its ADI-2 DAC FS, RME offers a high-end analog converter, inspired by studio equipment but adapted for audiophiles. Incorporating many intelligent features and high-end components, the ADI-2 DAC offers exceptional audio performance.

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The RME ADI-2 DAC FS includes an improved SteadyClock, a perfectly adjusted analog circuit, a remote control, an Extreme Power headphone output and a special IEM output. This model incorporates everything that has made the ADI-2 Pro famous, including its perfectly transparent sound signature and full DSP processing with bass, treble, loudness, 5-band parametric equalizer, crossfeed and much more. Its ease of use and incredible design make the ADI-2 DAC a central room for listening at home or for reference reading in the studio.

RME ADI-2 Balanced DAC Headphone Amplifier AK4490 32bit 768kHz DSD256 Black
In 2016, RME unveiled the ADI-2 Pro. With many innovative and extremely practical ideas and features, this model has transformed the digital-to-analog conversion market into a true reference. Equipped with two Extreme Power headphone outputs, it has also found its place in the HiFi, earning numerous accolades for its sound and technical prowess as well as its flexibility.

In order to address private individuals who are lovers of high fidelity, RME offers a modified version of the ADI-2 Pro, now incorporating features adapted for HiFi listening and simplified operation: the ADI-2 DAC. Based on the technologies, concepts and features of the ADI-2 Pro, this DAC version focuses on high quality digital-to-analog conversion.


Embedded in a compact 19" format body, this little gem integrates high-end electronic components, offering seamless conversion from SPDIF Coaxial, SPDIF Optical (ADAT compatible) and USB to RCA, XLR, Jack TRS and Mini-TRS.

Extremely versatile, the ADI-2 DAC offers balanced and unbalanced inputs/outputs, Extreme Power headphone output, very low noise IEM output, SteadyClock FS, 4-stage output level hardware control, signal processing via DSP, external power supply, wide USB compatibility and support for sampling rates up to PCM 32bit 768kHz, DSD256 and Direct DSD. The SPDIF input signals can be recorded via USB and as expected from RME, the DAC is a true 2-channel Full Duplex audio interface.

Improving DA

For the ADI-2 DAC V2, RME engineers have been working to improve the analog output stage of the DAC to provide an even higher level of performance. More relays, a modified dual symmetrical attenuator circuit and an additional AOP in buffer allow a reduction in noise and THD. Hardware output levels at +13dBu, +7dBu, +1dBu and -5dBu have also been added.

Super low noise for IEM lovers

The booming headphone market has led to many improvements not only in this type of product but also in in-ear headphones (IEMs), bringing them back to the forefront for audiophiles and lovers of quality sound. Modern IEMs offer high quality sound reproduction that can rival many headphones, making them an excellent alternative for listening on the move or at home.

However, modern EMPs are also extremely sensitive and operate at very low voltages. As a result, they tend to recover the noise from the reader, DAC or amplifier. When RME developed its Extreme Power headphone stage, the noise level was lowered as low as possible to overcome this problem.

To this, RME adds a special IEM output on the front panel of the ADI-2 DAC. This provides a 10dB lower ground noise level than the Extreme Power output with an output impedance close to 0Ω and an incredibly low THD for exceptional listening.RME ADI-2 Balanced DAC Headphone Amplifier AK4490 32bit 768kHz DSD256 Black 


Lights out !

In the case of a studio device, the lights on the device are constantly on, but this can quickly become annoying in a living room. All lights and the ADI-2 DAC display will turn off when the AutoDark function is activated and no action is performed for 10 seconds. Touching any button on the device or remote control will turn the lights and display on again.


A better remote

The ADI-2 DAC comes with a rugged and convenient remote control that will allow you to easily control the unit from your sofa. In addition, it is configured so as not to interfere with your other AV devices.

This remote control allows you to turn the DAC on and off, adjust the volume level, select an input and whether or not to activate the Mute mode, and also includes 4 programmable buttons that can be assigned to 20 different functions for total flexibility.

SteadyClock FS

The ADI-2 DAC incorporates a SteadyClock FS, ensuring that the use of the internal clock will provide the same sound as an external clock. The SteadyClock effectively rejects jitter and supports all digital interface formats in an exemplary way.

Thus, the main goal of the SteadyClock FS is to reduce jitter to an incredibly low level by improving its analog PLL circuitry and linking Direct Digital Synthesis and PLL to a low phase noise quartz crystal. The self-induced jitter through the D/A conversion thus reaches levels normally only possible in master quartz clock mode, while the SteadyClock operates in PLL mode. The low phase noise oscillator driving the circuit reaches a jitter of less than a picosecond (ps), an area called a femtosecond.


Technical characteristics

Product typeBalanced DAC
Headphone amplfiier
Inputs1x SPDIF Coaxial (according to IEC 60958, compatible with AES/EBU [AES3-1992])
1x SPDIF Optical Toslink (according to IEC 60958, compatible with ADAT)
1x USB-B
Outputs1x Balanced XLR
1x Single-ended RCA
1x Single-ended Jack 6.35mm TRS headphone output
1x IEM Jack 3.5mm output
Supported sampling ratesPCM up to 32bit 768kHz
DSD up to DSD256


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