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RED DSMC2 Digital Cinematography Camera with HELIUM 8K S35 Sensor - Brain Only



RED DSMC2 Digital Cinematography Camera with HELIUM 8K S35 Sensor - Brain Only, 8K Super 35mm CMOS Sensor, 8192 x 4320 Recording up to 60 fps, REDCODE RAW, ProRes, and DNx Recording, High-Speed Recording up to 300 fps in 2K, Records to RED MINI-MAG Media, Uses DSMC2 Accessories, Interchangeable Lens Mounts, Aluminum Alloy Construction, 12/24/25/30/48/50/60 fps and Higher

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All RED cameras deliver stunning resolution and image quality—creating clean and organic images that bring your footage to life. The MONSTRO and HELIUM sensors take the next step in exceeding beauty offered by film – up to 17x more resolution than HD—and over 4x more than 4K. A DSMC2 BRAIN is capable of data write speeds of 300 MB/s, and can simultaneously record in REDCODE RAW and Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHR/HD.

With features like cable-free peripherals, integrated media bay, wireless control, and more—DSMC2 is also compatible with a growing arsenal of modules and accessories—from RED and other Third-Party manufacturers. Tack on interchangeable OLPFs and lens mounts and DSMC2 gives you the ultimate control over your footage.

PLEASE NOTE: The DSMC2 BRAIN® itself does not have a DC IN power port. A port expander or power module is required to power the camera. To construct a working configuration for any BRAIN, RED recommends an expander, battery, lens mount, display, and media.

PLEASE NOTE: All DSMC2 BRAINs ship with a standard OLPF; an OLPF 2-pack is available for Skin Tone-Highlight and Low Light shooting environments.


Sensor Size: 29.9mm x 15.77mm
Lens/Mount: Canon EF, Leica-M, Nikon, PL Mount
CODEC: Apple ProRes, Avid DNxHD, R3D
Resolution: 1920 x 1080 (DNxHD), 2048 x 1080 (DNxHR 444), 4096 x 2160 (DNxHR LB/SQ/HQ/HQX)
Video Resolution: 8K
Frame Rates: 23.98p, 24p, 25p, 29.97p, 47.95p, 48p, 50p, 59.94p, 60p, High-Speed up to 120p (HD, 2K), High-Speed up to 150p (2K RAW), High-Speed up to 300p (2K RAW), High-Speed up to 30p (4K)
Internal ND: None
Recording Media: SSD
Native ISO: ISO 800
Shutter: Rolling (Electronic)
HDMI Output: No
SDI Output: No
Audio Inputs: Internal Mic, With DSMC2 Base/V-Lock Expander: 3.5mm (1), With DSMC2 Redvolt Expander: XLR (2)
Audio Channels: 2 (LPCM 24 bit)
Bit Depth: 10 bit (DNxHD HQX/444), 12 bit (DNxHR HQX/444), 8 bit (DNxHD/DNxHR LB/SQ/HQ)
Chroma: 4:2:2, 4:4:4 (DNxHD/DNxHR 444)
Colour Spaces: RGB (DNxHD/DNxHR 444), YCbCr
Weight: 1.5KG
  • 1x DSMC2 BRAIN with HELIUM 8K S35 Sensor
  • 1x DSMC2 S35 Standard OLPF
  • 1x DSMC2 Front Body Cap
  • 1x DSMC2 BRAIN Case
ApplicationDigital Cinema
Video Resolution4K
Sensor SizeSuper 35mm
Media FormatSSD
Digital Interface3G-SDI

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