RED DSMC2 Digital Cinematography Camera with DRAGON-X 5K S35 Sensor - Camera Kit



RED DIGITAL CINEMA DSMC2 DRAGON-X Camera Kit (2018 Unified DSMC2 Lineup), DSMC2 DRAGON-X Camera, DSMC S35 Aluminum Canon Mount, Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 DC HSM Art Lens, V-Lock I/O Expander, RED Touch 4.7" LCD, 2 x IDX DUO-C98 Batteries, IDX Dual Charger, DSMC2 Outrigger Handle, 480GB RED MINI-MAG, G-Technology RED MINI-MAG Reader, RED Camera Kit Case

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RED DSMC2 Digital Cinematography Camera with DRAGON-X 5K S35 Sensor - Camera Kit with Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 DC HSM A Lens (p/n 710-0318. RED DRAGON-X, DRAGONX). RED cameras deliver stunning resolution and image quality - creating clean and organic images that bring your footage to life. DRAGON-X features the industry workhorse and award-winning DRAGON sensor, now with IPP2, delivering 5K cinematic imagery in a Super 35 format. A DSMC2 BRAIN is capable of data write speeds of 300 MB/s, and can simultaneously record in REDCODE RAW and Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHR/HD. The DSMC2 DRAGON-X Camera Kit gives you all the components you need to begin shooting true professional-quality video.

With features like cable-free peripherals, integrated media bay, wireless control, and more - DSMC2 is also compatible with a growing arsenal of modules and accessories - from RED and other Third-Party manufacturers. Tack on interchangeable OLPFs and lens mounts and DSMC2 gives you the ultimate control over your footage.


Sensor Size: S 35mm
CODEC: Apple ProRes, Avid DNxHD, R3D
Video Resolution: 5K
Recording Media: SSD
HDMI Output: No
SDI Output: No
Sensor Resolution (Mega Pixels): 13.8MP
  • 1x DSMC2 Brain with DRAGON-X 5K S35 Sensor
  • 1x DSMC2 S35 Standard OLPF (Optical Low-Pass Filter)
  • 1x DSMC S35 AI Canon Mount
  • 1x DSMC2 V-Lock I/O Expander
  • 1x DSM2 RED Touch 4.7" LCD
  • 2x IDX DUO-C98 Batteries
  • 1x IDX VL-2X Battery Charger
  • 1x G-Technology ev Series Reader RED MINI-MAG Edition
  • 1x RED MINI-MAG 480GB
  • 1x DSMC2 Outrigger Handle
  • 1x RED Microfibre Bag (Medium)
  • 1x RED Camera Kit Case
  • 1x DSMC AC Power Adapter
  • 1x 3" Professional Logo Sticker
  • 1x Torx L-Key T20
  • 1x Hex Wrench 3/16"
  • 1x Mini World Travel Adapter Kit
  • 1x OLPF Case
  • 1x SIGMA 18-35mm F1.8 DC HSM A Lens
  • 1x Front Lens Cap
  • 1x Rear Lens Cap
  • 1x Lens Hood - Petal Type
ApplicationDigital Cinema
Sensor SizeSuper 35mm
Media FormatSSD

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