Wooden Camera Zip Box Pro 4x5.65 (Swing Away)



ZIP BOX PRO 4X5.65 (SWING AWAY) Lightweight and compact mattebox that holds three 4x5.65 filters, attaches to 15mm lightweight rods and swings away for easy lens changes 

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The swing-away Wooden Camera Zip Box Pro 4 x 5.65" Matte Box mounts on 15mm LWS support rods (not included) and features a rear opening of 114mm. A lightweight yet durable matte box with interchangeable mounting systems, the Zip Box Pro accepts up to three 4 x 5.65" (Panavision-style) filters without the use of filter trays. If reflections from light sources in frame are a concern, they you can tilt up to two filters in the matte box to help move the reflections out of the picture area.

The matte box comes with a series of interchangeable reduction rings that provide a tight fit to prevent light from leaking around the back of the lens and flaring your filters. In its swing-away configuration, you can tilt the matte box itself. An included fabric lens donut is included for working with lenses with a non-standard front, lenses that change length while focusing or zooming, or when tilting the Zip Box Pro itself. An included carbon fiber top flag helps block veiling glare or bright reflections from striking your lens, and can be folded down to cover the front of the matte box and provide protection to the front of your lens.


The swing-away configuration includes reduction rings of 80, 87, 95, 100, 104, 110, and 114mm.
The matte box can be titled by loosening two screws, which coincidentally allow you to adjust the height of the matte box 4mm up or down from center.
The interchangeable back system allows you to convert the Zip Box Pro swing-away to a clamp-on matte box.
Backs can be swapped using four screws.
Filters are loaded from the front of the matte box and are securely held by a spring-loaded latch.
Tilting filters independently of the swing-away bracket capability allows you to move highlight reflections out of your image area.

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