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Yamaha DM3 Digital Mixing Console, 9 "and 8 + 1 Motorized Fader Touchscreen, Entrance: 16 Mono + 1 Stereo + 2 FX returns, output: 1 stereo bus + 6 mix and 2 fx, 12 xlr + 4 xlr-1/4 "Input and 8 xlr outside, 18 FX, GEQ on 1-6 mix and stereo channels, sampling rate 48/96 kHz, preset quickpro, remote daw + editor dm3 editor, wireless remote control via the iPad app

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Available from 21 September 2023

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Audio professionals in search of an ultracompact digital mixer should look no further than the Yamaha DM3, a powerful, full-featured digital console offering superb sound quality, fast and easy setup and operation, and professional-level features for live sound, streaming, and live or home recording and music production.
The DM3 mixing console gives you the power and flexibility to do more than you ever imagined with a compact digital mixer. It exemplifies a less-is-more design philosophy, utilizing a 9" touchscreen and a single touch-and-turn knob for managing most of the console’s operations, resulting in a user experience reminiscent of a smartphone.

At a Glance

  • 8 + 1 fader configuration
  • 9" multitouch screen
  • Input mixing channels: 16 mono + 1 stereo + 2 FX return
  • Buses: 1 stereo, 6 mix, 2 FX, 2 matrix (supports input to matrix)
  • Local I/O: 16 mic/line (12 XLR + 4 XLR/TRS phones combo) inputs, and 8 (XLR) outputs
  • USB: 18 inputs, and 18 outputs
  • 18 Effects, and GEQ on mix 1-6 and stereo channels
  • Sampling rate: 48 kHz / 96 kHz
  • Intuitive user interface optimized for multi-touch screen operation
  • QuickPro Presets provide instant access to pro sound setups
  • DAW Remote for smooth DAW operation with physical controllers
  • Seamlessly integrated remote control and offline editing via DM3 Editor
  • Wireless remote control of a DM3 is possible via an iPad app
  • Individual wireless mix / matrix mixing can be simultaneously performed by up to 10 different iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, or Android devices
  • Direct 2-track recording to standard USB flash drives, or serious multitrack recording to a DAW via USB

Fast and Flexible Setup
Transporting, unloading, and setting up a sound reinforcement system at a venue can be one of the most laborious tasks a sound engineer undertakes. Not so with the DM3, which requires less space and time for configuration and physical setup thanks to flexible patching along with Quick Pro Presets, Editor and StageMix software, minimizing system setup and configuration time considerably. Combining all this with 6 mix + 2 matrix + 2 effects processors, the DM3 is a powerful, compact, sturdy console that you can take anywhere.
Lightweight construction for supreme portability—Thanks to precise structural design and material selection, the DM3 combines a light weight of only 6.5kg with a robust housing that can stand up to the rigors of touring.

Compact digital mxing console—Yamaha’s most compact digital mixer, the DM3 delivers high-quality 96 kHz sound using 16 analog inputs and eight outputs with low latency, and matches perfectly with the optional Tio1608-D I/O Rack for simpler, faster system setup.
Effects to enhance the creativity of sound engineers—The DM3 comes equipped with two high-quality multi-effects processors featuring eighteen types of high-grade effects including the REV HD and REV R3—the first of its kind in Yamaha mixers—offering sound engineers the freedom to craft a sound that accurately reflects their own sonic sensibilities.

QuickPro Presets for fast setup with professional sound—The Yamaha R&D team has worked with well-respected engineers and major manufacturers such as Audio-Technica, FitEar, Sennheiser, Shure, Ultimate Ears and Westone Laboratories to develop a selection of optimized QuickPro Presets for a wide variety of microphones and output equipment. With these practical presets even the novice engineer can get very close to the ideal sound, while experienced engineers will appreciate the significant time savings they offer. We prepared more than 200 presets for input channels, covering everything from vocals to drum sets all precisely tuned using a wide range of actual microphones and instruments. For output channels we developed presets for a variety of speaker systems and in-ear monitors such as Ultimate Ears with several variations to match different environments and room sizes. All of these can be used as-is when time is tight, but they are also great starting points for manual fine tuning. Setups created from the presets or from scratch can also be saved as additional presets.

Scene Presets for your applications—Scene Presets are available for a variety of applications that use the DM3 for mixing, making setup quick and easy. Real world engineers in Yamaha's R&D group created these presets to increase the speed of setup and allow more time for minor adjustments and rehearsal.
A wealth of applications to support any venue—A wide range of applications help users respond as the situation demands, including DM3 Editor to complete settings in advance well before the performance, DM3 StageMix to remotely control the DM3 onstage, and MonitorMix allows each performer to adjust their own monitor.

Professional-Quality Live Streaming
Live streaming brings with it unique technical demands that are often a challenge to accommodate without additional outboard gear and the space it requires. The DM3 comes equipped with a USB connection that lets you go live in an instant, paired with a condensed suite of features such as matrices, flexible patching, and factory presets that are aimed specifically at making live streaming seamless and trouble-free. The compact design also makes the DM3 ideally suited to multiconsole configurations where it would take on a live-streaming role, while the other console is used for on-site mixing.

A comprehensive suite of streaming features
The DM3 condenses features needed for streaming inside a compact housing. Units are equipped with abundant analog I/O and USB terminals, making it possible to input audio to the DM3 and transmit the mixed audio directly to a computer with streaming software launched. With stereo and matrices, audio routing provides a high degree of freedom and allows you to separately mix audio for on-site and streaming.
In addition, the DM3 is ideal for standalone operation as well as for use as part of a larger streaming system featuring multiple consoles. The compact housing makes it the ideal console where space is limited, or for use in system expansion.

Flexible patch settings
The DM3 inputs and outputs allow patches to be freely changed with ease. These consoles can flexibly handle minor modifications to the system to suit any location, which is extremely useful in situations where teams are divided by role.

Comprehensive Recording and Editing
A supremely portable full-spec music production tool, the DM3 covers all the bases for your live recording and home editing needs. The DAW Remote function allows you to use a range of devices to control your mix and recording from anywhere in a live venue or recording environment, then take the results home for editing at your leisure. The recorded performances can be stored directly on a USB stick, on a PC connected via USB to HOST, and edited with the bundled Cubase AI software or the DAW suite of your choice.

DAW Remote streamlines music production—DM3 Console teams well with a digital audio workstation (DAW). DAW operations such as volume adjustment, play, and stop can be performed using the console’s faders and buttons as physical controllers for smooth operation while arranging. The DM3 supports a variety of DAW software suites and comes bundled with Cubase AI—a stripped-down but powerful music production software platform. Switching to DAW Remote Mode is a simple one-step operation that can be performed by pressing CUSTOM 1 and 2 in the FADER BANK section together.

Accurate Control of Monitor Levels—DM3 Consoles allow monitor levels to be controlled with faders. Access is simple and easy, for smoother, more accurate mix-balance checking. You can use the custom fader function to assign monitor level control for smoother, more accurate mixes, or use User Defined Keys to adjust the volume separately by switching the source.

Multiple ways to record—The DM3 supports multitrack recording via USB to Host, while simple 2-track recording is possible using a USB memory stick and the USB connector on the front of both consoles. Put simply, the DM3 offers a range of recording options that give users the flexibility to meet the demands of a variety of environments and applications.

Cubase AI bundled software—DM3 are bundled with downloadable Cubase AI software from Steinberg. As one of the most advanced, comprehensive DAW suites available, Cubase has led the charge, providing users with a powerful and flexible platform for music production. Cubase AI offers these same core technologies and interface that have won Cubase worldwide acclaim.

Your Space, Your Settings, Your Language
With each different work environment comes a new range of challenges that place different demands on a console and on users themselves. The design of DM3 Consoles was created with this in mind, with a customizable interface that can be tailored to match user requirements and experience levels. For example, channel names can be displayed in different languages, and operations can be restricted by user account, while ProVisionaire Touch and Control offers the user a control panel that can be optimized for a variety of applications.

Providing optimal settings for the user:
The DM3 is designed to be operated by a wide range of people, from professional engineers to those who rarely use a console, and its appearance varies from user to user. For example, logging in as Guest simplifies use by limiting the operations available.

DM3 Consoles are equipped with a wealth of user support and time-saving features, such as the GainFinder feature that provides visual support for gain settings, and 1-knob compressor and EQ, which allows multiple parameters to be controlled with a single knob. In addition, channel names are Unicode-capable and can be input in various languages, making the DM3 a highly effective and user-friendly mixer that is useful for applications where the console is used by multiple users of varying languages and skill levels.
The optional RK-DM3 allows for rack mounting and flexible installation.

Bring your favorite plug-ins with DM3:
DM3 are bundled with downloadable VST Rack Elements, a plug-in hosting software package from Yamaha.
VST Rack Elements allows you to integrate your effects plug-ins with the DM3 or another mixer.

(The DM3 only supports send/return effects plug-ins.)

Abundant options for remote control:
The DM3 is compatible with a variety of external controls. In addition to Yamaha’s custom control panel ProVisionaire Series, these consoles support general-use communication protocols OSC (via Ethernet) and MIDI (via USB), offering flexibility for remote control.
In the Box
Yamaha DM3 Digital Mixing Console
Power Cord
Cubase AI

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