Studio Surface Track Module



Livestream Studio Surface Track Module, Pannello principale, Adds 15 Tracks to Core Module, Tactile Mixing with Faders and Rotaries, LCDs for Levels Display and More, for Livestream Studio Software

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The Livestream Studio Surface Track Module pairs with the Studio Surface Core module and adds controls for 15 additional audio tracks. The control surface is designed to give the operator the tangible experience of using a traditional, tactile audio mixer complete with faders and rotaries. It is compatible with all Livestream Studio software and hardware, and interfaces to the host computer with USB. The Track module is ideal for setups where there is an operator dedicated to the role of audio mixing.

Three Built-in LCD Screens

Key information, such as audio levels or menu settings, can be displayed directly on the embedded color screens

Analog-Style Controls

Provides dedicated rotaries and bi-direction faders with RPM displays for each of the 15 tracks

Magnetic Interlocking Design

The Track module can easily be combined with the Core module to create a single, unified control surface thanks to magnetic guides that help bind the two modules together

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