Canon CR-N100 4K NDI PTZ Camera with 20x Zoom (Satin Black)

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Canon CR-N100 4K NDI PTZ Camera with 20x Zoom (Satin Black), Capture up to UHD 4K30 / 1080p60 Video,8.29MP 1/2.3" CMOS Sensor with Hybrid AF,HDMI, IP & USB-C Video Output,20x Optical, 20x Digital Zoom, AWB,Optical Image Stabilization,Built-In NDI|HX, SRT, PoE+ Support,3.5mm Audio Input, AC Adapter Included,Canon DIG!C DV6 Processor,IP, RS-422, IR, and Wi-Fi Control

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Add remotely controlled cameras to your production for operation with minimal crew and a high-resolution output, the satin black CR-N100 4K NDI PTZ Camera with 20x Zoom from Canon will fit right into your house of worship, corporate conference room, government application, courtroom, broadcast streaming production, event space, or even add an extra camera to your documentary shoot.


The CR-N100 sports many features of a Canon camcorder, such as a 1/2.3" dual-pixel CMOS sensor, Hybrid AF, the Canon DIG!C DV6 image processor, optical image stabilization, scene modes, 20x optical zoom, 20x digital zoom, microphone input, and video capture and output up to UHD 4K. The camera also includes NDI|HX and SRT support without requiring a separate license, allowing you to drop the camera into your existing NDI network with minimal configuration.


1/2.3" CMOS Sensor

The CR-N100 features a Canon 1/2.3" UHD 4K CMOS image sensor capable of UHD 4K video capture at 30p and up to 60p in Full HD, making the PTZ camera a strong contender for professional production.

Canon's DIGIC DV 6 Image Processor is essential in providing high image quality, advanced performance and convenient operability to the CR-N100. This advanced core technology component provides the image-processing power and speed that enables features such as 4K UHD video acquisition and precise Hybrid AF.


Oversampling HD Processing

The full HD recording (oversampling HD processing) takes full advantage of the image information acquired by the 4K sensor to generate beautiful high-definition full HD video. This helps content creators produce stunningly detailed FHD video when utilizing the CR-N100.


Canon 4K UHD Lens

The CR-N100 features a 20x optical zoom lens and exhibits a wide horizontal viewing angle of 65.6°. At the wide end, the 29.3mm lens is capable of capturing extensive scenes in tight shooting spaces such as indoor events for impressive wide shots. The camera utilizes aspheric lens elements to achieve 4K image quality while minimizing various aberrations over the entire zoom range.

The lens structure of the CR-N100 enables real-time responsiveness in a three-dimensional space, supporting optical image stabilization, which helps keep the image capture stable by minimizing vibration.


Hybrid AF

The CR-N100 is equipped with "Hybrid AF", an auto focus system that combines high-precision contrast AF technology and the high-speed phase-difference AF technology to confirm auto focus from the camera. This hybrid auto focus system helps achieve auto focus faster and more reliably compared to contrast auto focus alone.


Smooth & Responsive Pan / Tilt Performance

The CR-N100 features a PT (Pan, Tilt) drive mechanism that enables multi-step speed changes from high to low speeds, providing smooth PT in tandem with the zoom. This can be linked with optional remote controllers and applications to support many kinds of video production with a single operator. The CR-N100 has a variable Pan speed of .2 to 300°/second and variable Tilt speed of .2 to 180°/second.


Tally Lamp

The CR-N100 is equipped with a tally lamp located on the front of the lens section that can illuminate red when the camera is shooting. This provides clear visual indications for staff and performers to know which camera is shooting live.


Four Scene Modes for Impressive Video

The CR-N100 features Scene Modes that offer four preset shooting modes suitable for the desired application.


There are four types of Scene Modes:

Portrait mode: exhibits a blurred background while subject is in sharp focus

Sports mode: enhances capture of moving objects

Low-Light mode: enhances capture of bright images, even in dark places

Spotlight mode: enhances capture of beautiful images of spotlighted objects

By selecting a Scene Mode, capture can be performed without having to adjust multiple settings within the Camera menu, which aids a speedy setup and configuration, allowing the operator to start shooting with impressive image expression.


Built-in NDI|HX and SRT Support

The CR-N100 supports multiple professional protocols for ease of integration. NDI|HX is built-in to the camera and provides high image quality, low latency, and ease of implementation. SRT is also built-in to the camera that helps provide high-quality video over unpredictable public networks.


Webcam via USB Connection

Turn the CR-N100 into a super webcam with Canon's Webcam Driver. The Webcam Driver is a virtual USB driver that allows the CR-N100 to be used as a powerful webcam over a network. The software has many advantages such as, automatic camera detection, up to 4K 30P video output, embedded audio (AAC-LC), supports up to five cameras and is free of charge.


One Person Operation & Canon XC Protocol

The XC Protocol is an IP protocol that controls Canon video production equipment. With XC Protocol, the CR-N100 can be remotely controlled to support a wide range of applications, which includes sports, music, live events, lecture recording, corporate meeting rooms, video production, and more.


Standard Protocol

The CR-N100 supports the Standard Protocol to remotely control the camera via IP. When connecting a Standard Protocol compatible remote controller to the camera over IP or serial (RS-422) the camera can be operated remotely and shooting settings can be adjusted by utilizing an optional remote controller.


Various Interfaces Supported

The IP output and HDMI output are suitable when capturing UHD 4K at 30pThe CR-N100 comes with an infrared remote control which can be used to control a variety of camera functions including PTZ, presets, speed, focus, standby mode, etc.

The CR-N100 offers a method to record high-quality audio through an internal stereo mini-jack mic terminal.

The serial terminal RS-422 can be utilized to connect third party supported controllers that support the standard protocol communication. or full HD resolutions at 59.94p. The USB output is capable of full HD resolution for high quality web conferencing.


High-Quality Audio Input/Output

The CR-N100 offers a method to capture and output high-quality audio through a 3.5mm stereo mini-jack mic terminal.


Remote Camera Control Application

The Remote Camera Control Application can be utilized to control the CR-N100. The Remote Camera Control Application is a Windows / Macintosh application for centralized control of multiple cameras. It is possible to operate up to nine cameras and display videos at the same time - achieving a "multi-camera operation".


Webcam Driver

Turn the CR-N100 into a super webcam with Canon's Webcam Driver. The Webcam Driver is a virtual USB driver that allows the CR-N100 to be used as a powerful webcam over a network. The software has many advantages such as, automatic camera detection, up to 4K30 video output, embedded audio (AAC-LC), supports up to five cameras and is free of charge.


Multi-Camera Management Application

Ideal for use in large-scale camera systems, the Multi-Camera Management Application (MCMA) supports up to 200 individual compatible PTZ, professional video, and cinema cameras. The MCMA streamlines the registration of usernames, passwords and IP addresses to a camera, and registration of cameras to the optional RC-IP1000 by executing these procedures all at once, instead of individually to each camera. This allows for a rapid initial configuration of large-scale systems with minimal workload.


Add-On Application Support

The Add-On Application System will enable the installation of paid applications directly onto the camera. These applications can then be run without the need for a computer, simplifying operations and set-up.

The Auto Tracking Application enables the camera to automatically track the speaker or other specified persons during commercial presentations, lectures and other events. Because visual analysis is performed in-camera, the system achieves excellent tracking capability. In addition to framing a person in the shot, the camera, aided by its high-performance pan/tilt mechanism and the automatic tracking application, can smoothly capture movements of people with satisfying quality for video production.


In the Box

  • Canon CR-N100 4K NDI PTZ Camera with 20x Zoom (Satin Black)
  • IR Remote Control
  • Mounting Plate
  • Mounting Plate Screw
  • Safety Wire
  • Safety Wire with Screw
  • AC Adapter
  • Power Cable
  • Remote Battery
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