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Metabones MB_PL-E-BM1 PL to E-Mount Adapter



Metabones MB_PL-E-BM1 PL to E-Mount Adapter, Adapts E-Mount Camera to PL Mount Lens, Adapts E-Mount Camera to PL Mount Lens, Internal Flocking, Removable Support Foot, Chromium-Plated Brass Contact Surfaces, Compatible with PL Mounted Prime Lenses, Mechanical Adapter for Manual Lenses

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If you want to use your existing PL mount lenses on a camera with a Sony E-mount, you need an adapter. The Metabones  MB_PL-E-BM, MB_PL-E-BT1 PL to E-Mount Adapter with Internal Flocking mounts to your camera's lens port and allows you to use PL mount lenses with your camera. Although this is not a permanent conversion, the adapter features a removable support foot to take the strain off of your camera's mount.

The adapter features internal flocking to reduce internal reflections, Chromium-plated brass front and rear contact surfaces for corrosion resistance. The hard front and rear contact surfaces serve to maintain the adapter's tight tolerances over time, ensuring the correct flange focal distance. This is a mechanical adapter that does not pass any electronic lens control or metadata.


The support foot is detachable from the mount by removing two hex key screws. The foot itself is Arca Swiss compatible, and incorporates a 1/4"-20 threaded mounting hole for optional supports.
Maintains correct flange depth between lens and image plane.
Infinity remains unchanged, so the lens does not need to be re-collimated or shimmed.
Brass construction protects lens mount, a chromium satin finish makes the adapter corrosion and wear resistant.
The Adapter has been tested with the following cameras:
A7S (in "APS-C Size Capture" mode)
A7R (in "APS-C Size Capture" mode) 
A7 (in "APS-C Size Capture" mode)

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