ATTO Technology FastFrame NT12 Dual Port 10GBASE-T PCIe 2.0 Network Adapter



ATTO Technology FastFrame NT12 Dual Port 10GBASE-T PCIe 2.0 Network Adapter, x8 PCIe 2.0 Network Interface Card, Dual Port Configuration, Up to 10 Gbps Data Transfer Rate, Supports Data Center Bridging, Supports Software OS iSCSI Initiators, Low Profile Form Factor, Supports Windows, Linux and Mac OS X

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Dual Port 10GBASE-T PCIe 2.0 Network Adapter

FastFrame 10GBASE-T NICs offer speeds 47% faster than Fibre Channel with the structured wiring familiar to networking professionals. Cards, ports & cabling are backwards compatible to GigE- and you can run 10Gb Ethernet over Cat6A cabling that's already in place. FastFrame 10GBASE-T NICs provide high performance connectivity without the cost and compatibility concerns of proprietary optics and twin-ax direct connect cables.

Lossless Ethernet (CEE) and Data Center Bridging (DCB) support provides improved iSCSI quality of service, for reliable access to storage. This enhanced iSCSI support makes FastFrame the ideal solution for customers who have:
• Wiring closet/small data center installations where the customer either lacks Fibre Channel experience, or simply prefers to use Ethernet to access storage
• An existing NAS-dominated network, and want to add network access to block data.
• Remote offices, to support IP routing over longer distances and ease installation and management for local IT admins.



ATTO FastFrame 10GBASE-T NICs are built on latest-generation industry-leading Intel silicon for ubiquitous usability, and consume up to 30% less power than competitive 10GBASE-T NICs. A lower power rating means lower energy costs, lower data center maintenance fees, and less heat to dissipate.

In addition to broad support for Windows and Linux server and desktop operating systems, ATTO is a leader in high performance I/O connectivity for Mac OS X environments. ATTO also offers Xtend SAN, an iSCSI initiator for OSX, for a complete solution.

Extensive reseller & distributor programs, relationships with Tier1 partners, industry experience, partnerships, and top-flight support, make ATTO the choice for system builders who want a lasting footprint in storage- and data-intensive markets.

If you have a question or an issue, with ATTO you can expect a detailed answer and competent assistance based on 20 years’ experience in data-intensive environments.



10GbE Interface:
• Data Center Bridging (DCB)/Enhanced Ethernet
• Flow Control
• MSI Support
• Jumbo frames
• Link Aggregation

Offloads (reduce CPU Overhead):
• IPv4 Header Checksum
• TCP/UDP Checksum (IPv4 & IPv6)
• VLAN Offload
• IPsec Offload (Windows)

For Windows & Linux:
• NUMA & RSS (allows load-balancing across CPUs)

For Virtualization: Advanced Packet Filtering, VM Load Balancing, VMDq Teaming Support

Host Bus Specifications:
• x8 mechanical and electrical PCIExpress 2.0 interconnect
• Backward compatible with PCIExpress 1.1
• Supports PCIe Base Spec 2.0, CEM Spec 2.0

Driver Support:
• Windows Server 200x, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP
• Linux RHEL 5/6, SLES 10/11
• OS X 10.6.8 and later
• “Thunderbolt" Aware
• VMWare ESX 3.5

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