FREEFLY Alta X (Aircraft Only with F9P GPS)

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FREEFLY Alta X (Aircraft Only with F9P GPS), Supports Payloads up to 15kg, 10.75 to 50 Minutes of Flight Time, Flight Battery & Controller Not Included, Foldable Design for Easy Transport, 3 x Powered Expansion Ports, 5 or 12 VDC per Expansion Port, ActiveBlade Design for Less Vibration, Multiple FC Flight Modes, Orientation Lights on Boom Tips, Auterion OS with MAVSDK API Support 

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Compact, powerful, and customizable, the Alta X from FREEFLY Systems is a modular quadcopter platform that can meet nearly any drone requirements you have. From RTK mapping to carrying heavy payloads, the Alta X can be combined with a variety of optional modules, payloads, and accessories. The Alta X frame comes equipped with four props and X9 motors, with each of the four propellers featuring FREEFLY's ActiveBlade design. ActiveBlade tilts the blade in forward flight to help drastically reduce vibration.


The powerful X9 motors and propellers also help give the Alta X its strength. The Alta X can lift and fly payloads up to 35 lb while still maintaining a trust ratio of 1.9:1. With 35 lb of added gear, the Alta X can fly for up to 10.75 minutes. Without any payloads, the Alta X has a 3.5:1 thrust ratio and up to 50 minutes of flight time. Please note that a battery, landing gear, camera, transmitter, and controller for the Alta X are not included.


No matter how you use the Alta X, the drone is engineered for easy transport and quick deployment. The propellers and arms fold to cut its physical size by half, and with just a push of your finger, you can expand the drone to full size. When expanded, the linkages stiffen the booms to help ensure accurate, low-vibration flight.

Auterion Enterprise PX4
The Auterion is the operating system of the Alta X. It's designed to automate logging and compliance, support RTK use with photo logging, and work with the MAVSDK API for custom software solutions. Custom solutions you design can be sent from the ground via radio, or onboard via an optional expansion computer.

Powered Expansion Ports
Some of the optional modules and accessories you can mount onto the Alta X require power, and the Alta X is made to provide that with three battery power outputs. Each output provides 10A of current, and you can choose from a 5 or 12 VDC connection.

Additional Features
FC flight modes: Manual, altitude, position, mission, loiter, orbit, and return

Orientation lights mounted on boom tips
Multicolor orientation lights: Red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple, white, and off
Propellers are carbon fiber-filled nylon

In the Box
FREEFLY Alta X (Aircraft Only with F9P GPS)
Alta X Spare Parts Kit
3 x Allen Key (2.0mm)
Allen Key (2.5mm)
Allen Key (3.0mm) 


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