D-Fuse Collapsible Softbox for Aputure Amaran



D-Fuse Collapsible Softbox for Aputure Amaran, Designed for Aputure Amaran, Also Fits Similar-Sized LED Panels, Collapsible and Convenient, Touch-Fastening Straps Secure Softbox, Four Magnetic Rods Expand Softbox, Softens Light Source, Unbleached Nylon Fabric Construction, Carrying Case Included

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For days requiring a lot of gear, take advantage of this D-Fuse Collapsible Softbox from D-Fuse. Designed for the Aputure Amaran, this collapsible softbox will also fit similarly sized LED panels thanks to its convenient construction. Four attachment touch-fastening straps are included to secure the softbox to your LED panel while four magnetic rods expand and hold the softbox in place. Once in place, the softbox constructed of unbleached nylon fabric, softens your light source without altering its color temperature. The included carrying case ensures your softbox will be protected when in storage or in transit.

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