Vibesta Peragos Tube 120C Multi-Color RGBW LED Tube Light

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Vibesta Peragos Tube 120C Multi-Color RGBW LED Tube Light, Cinema Grade RGBW Tube, (120cm) weatherproof LED tube, range of 2800K to 13000K, 220° tube lens. The Peragos tubes are IP 66 rated, so you can use them in a variety of weather conditions

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The Peragos Tube features a 220° tube lens to help create a soft, wide beam spread.


Kelvin Color Temperature Range

In White-Light Mode the Peragos Tube has a Kelvin color temperature range of 2800K to 13000K. According to Vibesta, the tubes have a claimed TLCI of 93+-1 and a CRI of 96+-2 throughout the full adjustment range. What is interesting is that Vibesta has also put in an extended Kelvin Mode that lets you adjust the temperature from 1500K up to 30,000K. The only downside of going into this mode is that the output will be reduced by roughly 20%.



The Peragos tubes are IP 66 rated, so you can use them in a variety of weather conditions.


Calibration & Consistency

Vibesta claims hat the tube lights use custom algorithms to mix the light from several LEDs with various colors. They also claim that each individual light is calibrated so that there is virtually no tolerance from fixture to fixture.

To ensure consistency after many years of use, Vibesta says that the Light Engine inside the tubes can be recalibrated by the user.

With a system called Source Match you are are able to match any light source. Vibesta says that all you need to do is enter the x/y coordinates you measured from another light and your fixture will be an exact match. Now, I think they are referring to matching RGB colors from other lights. Entering x/y coordinates is just telling the light what color you are creating.


Other Features

The lights have various operating modes including CCT, Filter Mode, HSI Mode, x/y Coordinate, RGB Mode, and Effects.


RTX Control App

With the RTX control App you can create complex lighting setups.

The user interface allows you to control each light separately or in groups of lights. *RTX1 router needer for App control or Wifi remote.

The hardware and software of the RTXtec control system are designed to support large lighting setups.



The Peragos tubes feature a variety of mounting points and there is a range of accessories for creating additional rigging solutions.


The tubes us an exchangeable Smart Li-Ion battery that is claimed to be able to power the fixtures for up to 20 hours. The 4 batterycharger allows you to recharge multiple units at once and even from within their case. When the AC adapter is connected to the controller and the Smart Li-Ion battery pack is attached it automatically charges during operation.


There is a V-Type Quick Release that allows you to quickly attach and detach the controller unit and smart Li-Ion battery pack to the backside of the tube. A female QR point is in the center of the tube for fitting grip accessories like a Spigot. Additional ¼ inch threadings allow for more rigging options.


The Controller and Smart Li-Ion battery pack for the Peragos Tube have been designed in a modular way. The controller is compatible with both the Peragos 60C and 120C and you can power the tubes by AC directly through the controller.


Vibesta è un produttore una nuovissima serie di luci LED compatte che offrono alti livelli di luminosità, controllo RGBWW completo e libreria di effetti cine incorporata.

New Delta Europe B.V., Steenovenweg 5, 5708 HN Helmond, The Netherlands | +31 (0)492 472460 | KvK Nr: 64001695 | VATIN: NL855483258B01

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