Ianiro 1810 PO Cool - Solaris LED 150 W POLE OPERATED DMX



Ianiro IA 1810MO Cool - Solaris LED 150 W Manual Operated - 1810 Solaris led 150 150W, 0-264VAC 50-60Hz con paraluce 4 alette, porta gelatina e rete fermalente - SOLARIS LED 150W POLE OPERATED Complete with gel frame and 4-leaf rotating anrdoor - DMX and MANUAL DIMMER on board

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The product design combines tradition and innovation. If on the one hand the functional specifications of the halogen range have remained, offering maximum operational familiarity to directors of photography (150mm lens diameter, 4-leaf rotating barndoor, manual or pole operation, variable focus), on the other all the new components for leds and electronics have been added, while keeping the dimensions compact.
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the accessories provide operational familiarity with the existing range


despite the integration of the optical sections and onboard electronics


mechanical design in independent three blocks, for greatest ease of technical assistance


A high energy-saving solution, Solaris led allows savings on air conditioning, electricity distribution (onboard DMX and no need for dimmer), and of course eliminates costly spare bulbs, thus also reducing your electricity bills!


thanks to a careful choice of materials and components

LED technology opens up to studio applications and the needs of TV directors.

The new Solaris Fresnel lens is a low-power high-performance light for applications in television studios that operates in the same way as the typical Fresnel halogen projectors, with Spot Flood focusing, rotating 4-leaf barndoor and manual or pole operation. But the similarities end when we come to construction, mechanics and operation. The heart of the product is completely new, including the new LED technology and built-in DMX control.
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The Solaris LED thus lends itself well for television studios, where energy saving and rationalization of electrical distribution and DMX are priorities. It is an ideal complement to fluorescent diffused lighting for enriching set photography with key light-points and back lighting. Indeed, like the Ianiro Ice diffusers, Solaris LEDs can be supplied at warm or cool color temperatures and then balanced at the set of fluorescent lights that is being used on that occasion.


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