DZOFilm VESPID 50mm T2.1 Lens (PL Mount)

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DZOFILM Vespid Prime FF 50mm T2.1 Lens - PL mount DZO-VESPID 50mm PL, 16-Blade Iris, Cinema Gearing for Focus and Iris, 270° Focus Rotation,

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Relatively small and lightweight, the DZOFilm VESPID 50mm T2.1 Lens is part of the VESPID series of lenses from DZOFilm and is well suited for independent and high-end full-frame cinematography. The lens has an 80mm front diameter, allowing it to work with virtually any cine-style matte box. The small size makes this lens an attractive option when working with drones and gimbals, as well as when shooting handheld or run-and-gun. The interchangeable PL mount allows you to use the fully manual lens on a variety of modern and vintage cine cameras, while the full-frame coverage supports sensors that have an image circle up to 46.5mm for use on cameras with sensors up to full-frame without vignetting.

The 16-blade iris, which is consistent throughout the VESPID prime lens lineup, creates round out-of-focus highlights that have a more natural appearance and contribute to the lens's natural-looking bokeh. The focus ring features 270° of rotation for precise focus pulls, and the iris ring a generous 64° of rotation. Cine-style gear rings on the focus and iris rings make the lens compatible with cine-style lens accessories such as follow focus units, lens motors, and lens control systems. The lens has a magnetically attached rear filter for ND filters.



  • This 50mm lens has an image circle that covers a full-frame sensor. When mounted on a camera with a Super35 sensor, it provides you with a tighter shot than if mounted on a camera with a full-frame sensor.
  • The lenses provide an organic look that is a cross between the modern-day cold and technically precise aesthetic and vintage cinema lenses.
  • The coated optics help provide natural-looking contrast while helping to control veiling glare and specular highlights, preventing flares from washing out your image.
  • The 16-blade iris makes for a natural-looking bokeh and creates smooth rounded out-of-focus highlights.
  • The modern mechanical design allows each lens to have a small size and light weight yet share the same 80mm front diameter and common gear positions for fast lens changes.
  • The rear of the lens has a magnetically attached rear filter that accepts optional ND filters that help you control exposure without affecting the iris setting or changing your depth of field.
  • The front of the lens has a 77mm filter thread, allowing you to use optional filters directly on the lens, which is useful when you need filtration when shooting without a matte box.
  • A minimum focusing distance of 12" allows you to get up close to your subject.



Swift and fast, easy to satisfy different shooting conditions, no matter in a single unit or a whole group. Consistent design of gear, no need to change gear motor while changing lenses.



Your reliable filming partner:

Negligible breathing effect, creating and immersive scene.

Neutral colour, fine and soft skin rendering.

A perfect companion between A-roll and B-roll.



APO Design, gentle sharpness and vivid clarity. Appropriate sharpness generates cinematic feeling while expressing organic look and fine details. In accordance with standard APO, Vespid Prime optimizes chromatic aberration one by one. Pleasing Round Bokeh. 16-blade diaphragm design. Achieve natural and soft bookeh.



Balance between modern and slightly vintage.

Consistent Performance.

Solid construction keeps Vespid Prime...



1 x DZOFILM Vespid Prime 50mm Lens - PL


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