ACR Il plus pacchetto avanzato - The Plus 3 assi brushless gimbal

ACR The Plus Advanced


ACR The Plus Advanced package - Payload: 2.4 kg The Plus 3-axis brushless gimbal ready for handheld, multirotor and crane/JIB operations. Compatible with: Sony Alfa Series / A7s, Canon 5D / 6D / 7D, Sony NEX -3 / -5 / -7, Panasonic Lumix GH Series (GH11 / 2/3/4), Sony CX730 / 760, Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera

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ACR The Plus is a device capable of stabilising small digital cameras and DSLRs. The stabilisers job is to make sure that the horison level is perfectly kept where it should be even during the most insane shot – it also negates unwanted round movements of the camera. An agile operator experienced in working with Steadicam or similar systems can achieve results not possible before. The versatility of this technology is limited solely by the creativity of users and the gear itself is very easy to configure. Handing over The Plus during a single, continuous shot, changing the shooting action from handheld to UAV, working in normal and inverted modes – these tasks require only a moment of preparation and open completely new horizones to open-minded filmmakers. Give it a try!


The stabiliser

Thanks to using a twin gyro & accelerometer system the stabilisation itself is sharp and precise while keeping the device simple to use. A powerful processor allowed us to enhance the primal functionality of the stabiliser with a set of new functions: more natural, iconic Follow Mode, larger number of saveable settings profiles, more reliable operation in demanding conditions. Three direct drive brushless motors were created to perfectly control the camera on each of the stabilised axes.

The stabiliser was built according to our own solutions and technology. We used the best available materials – aircraft grade duraluminum, carbon fibres. The electronics and motors were developed from scratch to meet the requirements of our most demanding users.


The device

Is powered by a single LiIon battery (included in the set) fitted inside a dedicated compartment within the carbon tube. Depending on your gear configuration it can work constantly up to two hours on a single charge. The battery charger is also included. A uniqe feature is the possibility to power up external accessories attached close to your camera straight from the main battery thanks to an auxillary power socket located at the camera shelf. Such accessories include wireless video transmission systems, follow focus systems, etc.

ACR The Plus is the upgraded version of the classic BeSteady ONE – the gimble which started our journey. The first units of the predcessor were delivered to the first users around the end of 2013. We would not have made it without the support of hundreds of wonderful people who supported us via the initial KickStarter campaign. Thanks to the invaluable help from many enthusiasts we were able to revaluate, test and complete the upgrade project with success.


The heart of the BeSteady

is within the mainboard. Highly modified BaseCam software, developed in direct cooperation with Alexei Moskalenko, enabled us to create a product tailored for your needs. A fast Cortex processor, vast internal memory and twin gyro & accelerometer system allows the device to easily cope with tasks such as fast running, shooting from moving vehicles and working at uncommon and extreme angles and positions. The lack of complicated configuration procedures (the so-called PID tuning) is gone with the introduction of simple, understandable sliders responsible for setting the needed parameters for every axis.

The uniqe, very characteristic handheld mode, the Follow Mode, allows the operator to catch smooth scenes during continuous takes thanks to responsive and natural movement control system with a lot of precise math behind it. Moreover, the device can be controled using a dedicated analog Thumbstick or an external remote control device.

The stabiliser can work in different modes thanks to the implementation of advanced control & stabilisation algorythms. The basic mode of operation is the Xtended Stabilisation – where the device maintains the exact camera position targeted at a certain point on the horizon. This mode is commonly used while paired with a remote control equipment and under a remotely controlled drone / multicopter or on a JIB / crane arm. Additionally the operator can always use the smooth, cinematic Follow Mode. In this mode the device follows the operators movements with a slight lag behind the actual movement (which is fully configurable) while eliminating unwanted jitter or leaning. The Follow Mode can be toggled for each axis separately.

Then there is also the very handy and popular Inverted Mode. Thanks to this mode taking eye-level or high shots is much easier as the device is positioned upside down and does not build as much fatigue to the operators arms. An inverted BeSteady is also used with RC cars, JIBs and with other unique platforms.

Remember, that the additional movement control options come handy very often, such as the Thumbstick or external RC gear.

The Plus usage options pushed our amazing users to their artistic heights. We encourage you to look for some really awesome footage they came up with thanks to our technology created especially to promote creative thinking!



BeSteady ONE Plus was tested to work with the following equipment:

  • Sony Alfa series
  • Sony A7s
  • Canon 5D
  • Canon 6D
  • Canon 7D
  • Sony NEX-3/-5/-7
  • Panasonic Lumix GH series (GH1/2/3/4)
  • Sony CX730/760
  • Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera

Other cameras of similar size and weight are also know to work nicely. Please note, that not every camera + lens combo will provide the best results.


Size and weight

Complete unit weight:

1.8 kg, 3.97 lbs

Without Handheld Module:

1.2 kg, 2.65 lbs

Maximum payload:

2.4 kg , 5.29 lbs

Handheld width:

490 mm, 19.29 inches

Camera shelf width:

165 mm, 6.5 inches

Camera shelf height (from tilt axis):

75 mm, 2.95 inches

Camera shelf fork depth (from tilt axis):

110 mm, 4.33 inches


Type of supported batteries:

Small battery (single)

Small batteries runtime:

1-2 hours depending on payload

Large batteries runtime:

Not supported

Power output:

Single (NSR3 connector on camera shelf), Voltage depends on battery type

Package contents

3-axis stabilizer:


Handheld module:





Included, 2x small type


USB cable


Accessorium Type A

Remote control:

Not included

Peli case:

Not included

15mm Rods :

Not included


Not included

Multirotor/crane adapter:

Cinestar Adapter, Universal Adapter


Follow mode:

Tilt, Roll, Pan, Xtended Stabilisation (Follow Mode off)

Tool-less balancing:



Bluetooth, USB, 6-pin PWM/S.BUS socket, Thumbstick

Real Inverted Mode:


OLED screen:

Not embedded



Keyboard / buttons:

Service button, Menu button


Not embedded


2x IMU, 3-axial gyro, 3-axial accelerometer


1x 32-bit MCU


Aircraft grade aluminium, Carbon fibre, Nanopolymer, Steel

Rotatable side handles:

Yes, 4-position

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ACR Il plus pacchetto avanzato - The Plus 3 assi brushless gimbal

ACR Il plus pacchetto avanzato - The Plus 3 assi brushless gimbal

ACR The Plus Advanced package - Payload: 2.4 kg The Plus 3-axis brushless gimbal ready for handheld, multirotor and crane/JIB operations. Compatible with: Sony Alfa Series / A7s, Canon 5D / 6D / 7D, Sony NEX -3 / -5 / -7, Panasonic Lumix GH Series (GH11 / 2/3/4), Sony CX730 / 760, Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera

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