AJA ROI-HDMI HDMI to SDI with ROI scaling

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HDMI to SDI with Region of Interest Scaling and direct HDMI loop-through, HDMI to SDI conversion, Region of Interest scaling, HDMI loop through, Audio embedding, Aspect ratio conversion, Genlock input, Configure via USB port and supplied Mini-Config software

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The ROI Mini Converter from AJA enables extremely high-quality conversion from DVI and HDMI outputs of the computer in baseband video signals via SDI at an affordable price and is also extremely portable thanks to its compact size. With the incredible image scaling, extensive Aspect Ratio, and Frame Rate Conversion and the audio functionality of the ROI meets the growing demand for a proper integration of computer signals to the world of video environments, without compromising respect budget or space.


AJA's ROI HDMI Mini Converter Allows exceptionally high quality conversion of computer and HDMI outputs to baseband video over SDI at at affordable price and a very portable size. With extensive audio functions on this page, incredible image scaling as well as aspect and frame rate conversion, ROI-HDMI Fulfills the growing need to properly incorporate computer signal into the video world without sacrificing budget or space.


Region of Interest
Eliminate clutter and extra-interface menu bars and extract only the portion of the computer screen you want.

Connecting a ROI Mini Converter via USB to a computer running the free Mini-Config application lets you interactively select a region of interest from the incoming computer signal and have full control over how did region is scaled to the output resolution using AJA's high quality scaling Algorithms for the cleanest picture quality Possible.


Take full control of aspect ratio and frame rate conversion with on-screen controls in the Mini-Config software did show you Exactly what your source and output will look like and what format are coming in and going out. Simple menu controls let you choose the proper output Quickly for any situation.


ROI utilizes a direct loop through, Allowing it to be Placed in-line so you still have a connection to at external monitor while extracting to SDI. The reference input Ensures the SDI signal out of ROI is locked for use Throughout a production or facility.


ROI accepts 2-channel audio from the 3.5mm analog audio input or embedded 8-channel audio from HDMI input. The audio source and routing can be selected in the Mini-Config software and is embedded in the SDI output. This Allows audio to be embedded within computer the SDI signal for easy, synchronized routing.


• HDMI to SDI conversion
• Region of Interest scaling
• HDMI loop through
• Audio embedding
• Aspect Ratio Conversion
• Genlock input
• Configure via USB port and Mini-Config Supplied Software
• Uses 5-18VDC power (universal power supply included)
• 5-year warranty


Universal Power Supply
All AJA Mini-Converter are supplied with a universal power supply that can be used by the international plugs around the world.


Compact and portable
The AJA Mini-Converter fit thanks to their small size behind the monitor or can be mounted on the back of a rack or directly to a camera mount. The lockable plug can not be accidentally disconnected. With the optional P-TAP-power cable, the power supply in remote locations is also possible via battery.


AJA quality - guaranteed
In all AJA Mini-Converter is a guarantee of 5 years is granted. Those are subject to the extended exchange policy. If a replacement is required, AJA instantly a new device without the original device must first be sent back, to ensure that you can as soon as possible resume work.


AJA Mini-Matrix
Information about The Complete Mini Converter product line of AJA are now available as an app for mobile iOS. The Mini Converter product line is quite extensive. Using this app, you can choose at any location is the ideal for you Converter.

Individual products contain links to the main page of AJA for further details, and you can get information about the product via email. The free AJA Mini-Matrix App for iPad and iPhone is now available in the Apple iTunes Store.


AJA Video Systems è leader nella produzione di alta qualità e costo-efficace di interfacce video digitale, realizza soluzioni desktop professionali broadcast e post-produzione dal 1993.

Sede in Grass Valley, California.

sito web: www.aja.com

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