Chrosziel MN-150 MagNum Extendable Wireless Lens Control System with Chrosziel CDM-100 Moto View larger

Chrosziel MN-150 MagNum Extendable Wireless Lens Control System with Chrosziel CDM-100 Moto



Chrosziel MN-150 MagNum Extendable Wireless Lens Control System with Chrosziel CDM-100 Motor, 2 Channel Receiver 1 Channel Transmitter, Transmitter Upgradeable to 2 Channels, Chrosziel CDM-100 Digital Motor Included, Operates on Dual Frequencies, Responsive Fluid-Drag Focus Knob, Focus Knob has Hard Stops, OLED Menu Screen, Auto and Manual Calibration

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Remotely control your lens's focus with Chrosziel's MN-150 MagNum Extendable Wireless Lens Control System. This system includes Chrosziel's upgradeable MagNum transmitter and receiver as well as the necessary power and cabling accessories to use the unit right out of the box with the included Chrosziel CDM-100 digital motor. The MagNum unit is compatible with motors that use a 7-pin LEMO interface.
For easy operation, calibration is automatic with lenses that have hard stops. If you use stills lenses that don't have stops at close focus and infinity, a special calibration mode allows you to manually calibrate the focusing distance. To adjust the settings on the MagNum, an OLED screen and directional buttons provide an intuitive interface. Record start/stop can be controlled from the hand unit if the camera is connected to the receiver.
The hand unit is upgradeable for a second degree of lens control. The upgrade kit is separately available and adds a sliding control and a marking stripe to the left side of the transmitter.

Ergonomic Handheld Transmitter
Compact in size, the transmitter has a rounded handle with a finger grip on the rear so you can hold it securely while operating. The transmitter houses an internal 2.4 GHz antenna and has a BNC spigot that will accept an external 434 MHz antenna. The focus knob has a brake and adjustable hard-stops for repeatable focus pulls. The hand unit has an integrated spectrum analyzer that can determine the best frequency for transmission.

Dual-Channel Receiver
With dual outputs, the receiver can drive up to two motors that connect via 7-pin LEMO. The receiver is capable of calibrating motors to the lens without the aid of the transmitter. When connected to a camera via the serial output, start/stop can be remotely controlled from the transmitter.

Hardware Upgradeable
A separately available upgrade module can be installed for controlling a second lens parameter. When installed, the hand controller will gain a sliding adjustment encoder with a marking stripe that can be operated with your left hand.


Can also be combined with wired, analog zoom controls.


All kits include motor cables, a power cable with D-Tap connector (4-pin XLR in MagNum KIT Broadcast) and a high-quality carrying case with foam insert (except MN-ACKIT). Included as well are motors with gears 0.8 + 0.5 + 0.4 and a mounting clamp for Ø 19mm and 15mm rods. Additional kits are available without motors or with betz-tools motors.


In the Box

Chrosziel MN-150 MagNum Extendable Wireless Lens Control System with Chrosziel CDM-100 Motor
2 x Antenna
MN-BAT MagNum Remote Control Battery
MN-CH MagNum Battery Charger
Padded Neck Strap for Lens Control Transmitters (Black)
CDM-100 Digital Motor
D-Tap Power Cable for MagNum
MN-RMB1 Mounting Bracket for MagNum Receiver
MagNum LCS Remote Control Case

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